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When state-of-the-art automated office workflow and data management are mission critical, QUINCYTECH is the one to trust with your forensic agency's case management needs.

Server-based Solution

We've built an ASP service to deliver highly secure, reliable, and cost-effective hosting solutions to support your agency’s needs. We can install our application on a server at your location, or on a remote Quincy server with infrastructure and staff expertise to manage the IT for you.

Our application is accessible from any internet-capable devise, whether in the office or in the field.


The CMfw™ application is designed and configurable to include most if not all of the generic medical examiner case management workflow. Our application contains an extensive library of forms, business logic/scripts, reports, and functionality that can be used with minimal modification for the deployment of a new system for your office.

We work closely with customers to refine the application to meet individual needs of each office. With our years of expertise in the medical examiner case management and laboratory environments, we know the questions to ask to make this process as seamless as possible.

QUINCYTECH’s service has even been successfully deployed in mass casualty drills to support operations of mobile temporary morgues. Our web-based approach enables us to easily adapt to such emergency scenarios.

Data Recovery

QUINCYTECH also offers a System Replication and Data Recovery solutions (SRDR) that gives organizations continuous availability with a recovery time objective of zero. Data is synchronized in real-time between the customer's production systems and QUINCYTECH’s clustered high-availability servers. Multiple redundancies and a recovery plan ensure that your data remains secure and accessible, no matter the circumstance.

About Us


The company founder was a pathologist and AME who envisioned an automated case management system to integrate the workflow for the many functions of a medical examiner’s office. For over 25 years, Quincy has led the development of forensic and medical examiner case management solutions. We pioneered the Internet/Intranet technology shift to medicolegal investigative and laboratory automation, education, image, and document management.


Our team has been providing software products and services to forensic professionals for more than a decade. Our company's staff experience ranges from forensic science to software engineering. We are dedicated to customer service.


Our client base exceeds 30 State and County Coroner/Medical Examiner Offices. Many operate under N.A.M.E. or I.A.C.M.E. certification standards throughout the United States, ranging from complex, high volume, medical examiner offices with installation on their own managed in-house servers, to low volume users who remotely access a secure ASP version of CMfw™ on Quincy’s server.

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